Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Morgan's boyfriend, Eugene Volokh, dumped her

​         The reasons for this were not disclosed.  Morgan had been rather busy in 1998.  She had busied herself finding an attorney to assist her adopted father, Craig Franklin, divorce her mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  Craig kindly paid Morgan $5,000 a month for her assistance in this and libeling her mother to Melinda's friends.  Melinda had received calls from friends asking why this was happening.  Melinda was dumbfounded.  
     Melinda had been kept busy constantly since the previous autumn, September 1997, when her oldest son, Arthur, had suffered a massive brain injury and other trauma in a motorcycle accident.   and that was only the beginning of her helpfulness.  

         Morgan had opened the door of the family home at 2028 Anacapa in Santa Barbara so Craig's attorney, Jacqueline Misho, could rifle through Melinda's computer and papers looking for documents which needed to be removed.  These included Craig's Will, in which he had named Melinda's children as his own 'natural heirs.'  Craig had insisted on adopting all of the children.  His brother, Sterling Craig Franklin, wrote the will for him.  It was signed and witnessed.  Craig had also insisted Melinda
s former husband, Ron Kellett (Foster), relinquish his parental rights.  Ron did so.    Notarized Document .   

      Misho told him he had to do this to avoid paying support, especially for Arthur, who was now disabled and so entitled to
from Craig, as his father.  Morgan watched, as Misho carried out her search.  
        Craig's Wills
        Craig did not want to pay support for his now disabled son, Arthur.  So he called Melinda and told her, "I want to stay in Arthur's life and be his father."  This surprised Melinda because Craig had gone into court and denied he had named the children as his natural heirs.  Melinda hunted for the Will, which had disappeared.  Later, Morgan would tell her she had watched Misho take it along with other items after copying all of the contents of Melinda's computer, according to Morgan's statement to Melinda in 1999.