Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Statement from Arthur Foster on his sister, Morgan

Jun 10, 2010, 4:43 PMT

This letter I intend to be my (Arthur Edward Foster)s sworn testimony concerning Morgan Pillsbury, or "Morgan Gell."    

     When I was young I only saw my big sister Morgan a few times.
     For I always thought she was busy with her "acting career."   When in reality I believe she was just slutting around different L.A. parties.
       Anyway the memory I have of Morgan was when she was living at the Northridge meadows apartment building when I was 12.    Morgan went out, and got a big bottle of vodka, and lime juice.
       She told my sister Dawn, and myself that vodka, and lime juice makes a tasty drink called a "gimlet.
       So that evening Morgan showed us how to pour, and drink "gimlets"      With the understanding that our mother would not be informed about her giving us "kids" booze.
       I liked to think that Morgan was being kind in sharing, but I now realize that there are certain things one should not share with minors.
      I saw very little of Morgan during those years however, but not as little of her as I have seen these past few years.     I know that she is busy trying to raise her little boys to be good men.    May God (The Creator of Heaven, and Earth have mercy on those boys.
       For each of them will have to build for themselves a "moral compass"      For they are not likely to recieve such a blessing from their mother, or that charming Jay Gell I have heard stories of.      I do wish Morgan, Jay, Jacob, and Gabrielle well,  but I fear that the devil has already found willing, and somewhat capable idle hands to use for his purposes.    The other time in my youth I remember Morgan being around I was standing on the few stairs leading from the Burnet house to the "patio," or "lani?
      For some reason (Which I do not even remember at this time why I was angry with Morgan, and she was standing on the other side of that door.     Now this particular door had two windows in it.      I became so upset at Morgan that I punched the lower pane of glass on this door.     Of course shattering the glass window, and cutting my hand up pretty well.      I know this is not the kind of scene that would fit well into a Brady bunch episode, but this was life at 9547 Burnet when Morgan came to stay with us.  It was much different when Morgan was not there.  I was 12 when this happened.  
     Thankfully I was not as attached to the booze as Dawn was.    For I have to believe now that  poor Dawn just uses that stuff to drown out the memories of her childhood.     From the abusive father piling dirt on top of her watermelon garden, to memories of her sisters mocking her because of her wide girth.
     So silly Dawn chose to disbelieve the only "religious teacher" to perform "miracles" in front of thousands of witnesses, have His words recorded in the best selling book in history, or to predict the future accurately.      As she wishes though.     Who am I to say that "Wiccans are worshipping a false god?"
     Even if I find it to be a sad, and disturbing lie many have fallen away from God because of.     In any case I do wish each of my sisters well in life, and beyond.