Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Carol Divine Molin

Morgan Pillsbury

Diane Sykes

Chrissy Hall Reis

Gail Heriot

Michele Davis

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Fund's Women?  No.   No matter what happens to us -
we own ourselves

 The women named above are only a few of those who Fund abused.  I have a list of names; but these individuals did not, otherwise, become part of this story.  This is investigative journalism. It was undertaken because of Fund's collusion on national policy, electoral events, and because now all Americans need to have truths come to light. 
      If you were also abused by John Fund,  consider speaking out.  John Fund has held a podium dedicated to deceit  for far too long.  He remains a sexual predator, without conscience.  The #ME Too! movement will be stronger for your willingness to do so;  but coming forward is your choice. We need to fight back now!

All of the women above had some kind of relationship with John Fund.  Documents are up which prove this to be the case. John could come across as witty and intelligent; so this is not a surprise.  Later in his life Fund was also prominent and wealthy.  Again, these attributes attract many of us. 

John was practiced at presenting himself sympathetically, and women tend toward nurturing others. Early in an acquaintance John made a practice of confiding in new acquaintances.  He asked these conversations remain confidential. 

 Not only women are vulnerable to feeling compassion and concern, men do as well.  But from what Fund has revealed about his early life, he had trouble building normal relationships.  Read about Fund's Early Life.

Fund used women because they tend to be trusting and because he enjoyed abusing them for what he thinks of as the wrongs other women and girls had done to him.  Some people probably externalize the early pain of rejection most of us feel from time to time.  But for John Fund, this progressed into perverse self-indulgences.  

Confronted with these situations, which are all too common, all of us, men and women, best serve ourselves and others if we confront the wrongs done.  Speaking the truth is always appropriate and, eventually, it is this kind of courage which will change our world.  

Fund was an abusive man who, somewhat like Weinstein, had a template for abuse.  He also targeted women in specific categories to fulfill his need for different kinds of 'relationships.'  Below are the categories and outline.  

Melinda wrote an email to Fund on January 15, 2002.  When she found it again she decided it could be recycled.  Original

1.  Give the woman a rush with significant looks, hugs, dinner, letters (Fund generally used the Firebird in NY for local women.)
Fund also sent cloying e-mails in a rash of attentions. 

2.  If Fund wanted more, the next usual step was to invite them to New Orleans.

Fund invited Morgan to New Orleans and was she chagrined to discover Fund did this routinely with his women.   Like others, she thought he was serious about his offers of marriage. 
3.  Become distant.  Fund talked about his problems; he told them his feelings were too intense or other blather.   

4. Then, women he was targeting become regular recycled utilities for another sexual experience; he dumped them, or you find you have other utility.  For instance, Fund begins using your assets or access.    

5. Fund generally has several women going at all times at different points in the relationship from jump to dump.  

6. And like trophies, Fund keeps their emails and other mementos  laying round his apartment.  This habit drove the Morgan into an outrage.   She read them to her mother and to her friends so they could experience her shock and consternation. 

Some people would say John, you should be committed just for taunting Morgan with your conquests.  

7. And John, when women you wanted because they could be useful to you finally edged away,  you wrote heart-felt letters, expressing your deep feelings for them.  Diane Sykes received one of these.  Truly tear inducing.  

8.  Then, of course, you accuse the women of stalking you when they want to know what happened. 

This enables you to revel in your 'power.'  You can share your consternation over how attractive women hunger for you with credulous and incredulous friends.


Most women just go away because it is intensely painful and embrrassing to be treated like that.   

It would be theraputic for the women you have conned to understand that this is just your MO and it was not anything about them that brought on the behavior. 


In fact, the more I think about it, the more sure I am that this whole situation would magnificently illustrate all that is evil about predatory sexual behavior and the characters of those in charge of major national policy.   
I think you could be of more use to the the freedom movement you so abused, as an example of what is bad when NeoConservative infiltrators remain unrecognized.  I am a strong believer in trying to find the good in any bad situation.  So, I will focus on that.   
You dumped Morgan afther three years.  You probably asked her to marry you as another form of 'punishment,' even as you were physicially abusing her.  I heard it over the phone in real time.  When you asked her to marry you, my first thought was that you would do so only to shut her up by institutionalizing her.  I only reluctantly made the wedding arrangements.  I felt only relief when I sent out the announcement the wedding was cancelled. 

Your mental abuse included promising her the Christmas tree for days and days and then just refusing to go get one; promising to take her out, and taking someone else instead; promising to pay for her health care, and then telling her you hoped she died; kicking her out of the bedroom to sleep on the futon with a hole-y blanket  next to a window that cannot be closed, when there is snow on the ground.  Forget the lizard character.

It will be the Grinch.   Or Scrooge.  No, Scrooge is too good for you.
So is the Grinch. 
      Nothing that happens to you is too bad.  That seems to be what you will need to learn before you do the right thing.  I used to think you could change but that was before I realized you are a psychopath.

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