Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

How the NeoCons Operate

These are the Cliff Notes to the sad and sick world of the NeoCons
Below you will find links to more information for each of them and the ongoing unfolding of their demonic lives


Back Stories

First, it is important to focus in on the problem, which is behavior ignoring the most essentially 'human' attributes we share as a species, conscience, empathy, and guilt.  The assumption all of us 'feel' these relations and so, for instance, can be observed and wil show the reactions we automatically expect to see is not valid when the person being observed, for instance in court, is a psychopath.  Psychopaths train themselves to emulate normal human reactions, but these do not reflect the underlying emotional reactions which we assume are present.  Psychopathy emulate our reactions to gain trust, which is then violated. 

If you don't experience guilt then:

Morgan Gell can decide it is a good idea to help Craig destroy Melinda.  Melinda out of the way would have allowed Morgan to grab credit, as she was already attempting to do, for Melinda's work in politics and also for the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.  And Melinda was inconveniently insistent on Morgan getting the training to support herself, which did not interest Morgan in the least.  $5,000 a month, which Morgan likely assumed would continue being paid by Craig until she could catch Eugene Volokh, likely seemed like a good deal.  The $10,000 paid out by Craig to ensure her brother, Arthur, was dead, as desired by Craig, was a no-brainer for Morgan. 

            Accepted money for assisting in murder attempt, Melinda and Arthur     Organized 2011 Conspiracy Against Melinda and Arthur 

             Morgan Deposition             Rumor Mill - Manchester - Gell Conspiracy        NeoCon Conspiracy  - 9/11, theft of elections, Iraq

Allan Craig Franklin can enjoy the ill-gotten gains from his dead with Dan O'Dowd for stealing Green Hills Software, Inc., and, exciting new ventures for living out his fantasies of engaging small girls emotionally as a father-figure and then raping them.  Craig would find the difficulties in arranging this made simulating the experience with older girls to be less risky, so Craig created his Sex Family. 
             Ayn Declaration     Morgan Deposition     Incest Porn     Morgan Pillsbury – Franklin Transcript      Franklin Sex Family

             Ron Foster, Notarized Document June 21, 1989        Franklin Will June 26, 1989      Throw Momma From the Train

            NeoCon Conspiracy - 9/11, theft of elections, Iraq

Dan o'Dowd and his wife, Amy Change O'Dowd, ripped off Glenn Hightower and cooperated actively in a conspiracy to defraud and then kill Melinda and her son, Arthur.  Conspiracy has been ongoing since 1998.  

              Throw Momma From the Train

             Morgan Deposition             Rumor Mill - Manchester - Gell Conspiracy        NeoCon Conspiracy - 9/11, theft of elections, Iraq