Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Solving the Puzzle 

How Deep State, also known by a growing number of identifiers, including my preferred Greedville, is a cooperative 'community' of folks who, if they are not psychopaths, act like them.  Telling the story of my encounter with these folks has been challenging.  So I am making it easier to understand by using them to point out how they operate.  When you 'get it' it stops working.
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Rayelan was born Darlene Raye Smith to a middle-class family of four.  Rayelan's story is available HERE.

Rayelan had a natural bent toward betrayal of those who trusted her, including her own family.  So she was a natural for what the NeoCons, Dick Cheney, John Fund and Craig Franklin, wanted her to do.  

Melinda would live in her house and they would kill off Melinda along with her son and no one would be the wiser - but it did not quite work, but not for the lack of trying.  
Dich Cheney thought initially Fund's problem was Morgan.  Then he realized it would have been easy to eliminate Morgan, either by silencing her by recruiting her as an agent or by killing her.  But this whole issue came too close to issues which could not be exposed.  Ever.  So other action was indicated.  

Cheney had told Fund in 2002 to do whatever was necessary to shut Morgan up.  Then, he realized his misassessment.  It was Melinda they needed to silence. 

Don't miss the movie coming on on Xmas day on Cheney.  VICE - Some Vices are More Dangerous than Others. 


Dick Cheney

Growing up on her father's farm in Holly, Michigan, little Laura dreamed of a very different life.  After leaving High School without graduating, Laura took to the skies, providing various services to well-to-do gents.   Laura is vehement on the issue of providing a resume or CV.  Don't ask, it will not happen. 

Then, Laura met Alex, Duke of Manchester and discovered that fantasies do not have happy endings.  But the end is still to come.      More on Duchess Laura
John Fund was still living at home in his mother's house in Fair Oaks, California in 1983.  His chosen and habitual technique for slandering those who know too much about him is to whimper, confess to 'having showed bad judgment' and then asking the slanders be held confidential.  Since whimpering and crying as you take someone into your confidence, is unnerving to see, this has worked well for the fatuous Fund.  

Read more about John Fund, and listen to the Tape HERE.

John Fund

Duchess Laura

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was already a convicted felon when he inherited the title from his father, the 12th Duke.  Alex has even said he is not suited to the position and tried to sell it.  He found no takers since nothing but the title would come with the honor of owning it.  He also tried to sell the right to be his wife.  Naturally, he wanted someone wealthy and did not correctly assess the unlikelihood of such a dumb wench being available.  But he tried.  

Read about Alex, the unlucky for us 13th at:
Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester 

Dan O'Dowd was the only child of two psychologists who raised him in a Skinner Box, according to my former husband, Craig Franklin, who, while we were still married scampered home with enough stories aboutr Dan to require me to start recording them after Craig finished talking and went down to scarf a snack from the refigerator.  

Today, Dan has achieved his life's ambition, to be wealthier than Bill Gates.  But the cupidinous Dan, along with his wife, Amy Change, will not be giving away as much as a cent.  

More is coming but look over how drones made him wealthy at 
Droning for Profits

Dan O'Dowd

Duke Alex

Jay E. Gell is the guy who was paid to knock up Morgan Pillsbury and then marry her and keep her under control.  Let's hope it paid enough to make it worth his while.  Jay's technique for intimidation is tsunumis of filthy language.  To control Morgan and vent what ever frustrated him, he punches holes in his walls, at least he was doing so in 2005, the only time I saw him.  It was once too much.  But although I had problems with this gang of creeps thereafter I was finally on a learning curve and soon understood that Morgan was a psychopath, never to be trusted ever again.  I did learn.  More on Gell HERE
Craig Franklin AKA Allan Craig Franklin, is a sexual pervert whose focus is incest and destroying young women and girls.  I was shocked to learn from one of his former victims how he operates.  But when I realized this it was incumbent on me to warn others.  
    A list of useful resources on this smelly maurauder is going up with well organized history and documents easily accessed to send to authorities.  Craig Franklin

Jaye E. Gell

Craig Franklin

Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux is a psychopath whose life is littered with the pain and suffering she caused  others.  She will be invited to explain herself on PsychoKin as the show's launching guest.  This site is dedicated to her.

The picture to the left is the mask she wears now in public.  I do not know why but it may be that she has changed so much she does not want to risk being photographed. In that case, the mask is a better portrayal of her soul than earlier pictures ever could have been.  
Accepted money for assisting in murder attempt, Melinda and Arthur     Organized 2011 Conspiracy Against Melinda and Arthur  Morgan Deposition             Rumor Mill - Manchester - Gell Conspiracy        NeoCon Conspiracy  - 9/11, theft of elections, Iraq

Mike Murphy was paid to ensure John McCain was not the GOP Nominee for president in 2000.  Therefore, he was an essential link in the chain of actors who brought on the War for Oil in Iraq in 2003 and also is accountable for the death of millions.  

Next time you see him on TV remember the deformed babies, the uncounted graves, and the happy smile on his fave today.


Morgan Gell

Mike Murphy

The Most Evil Psychopath

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