Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

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JohnFund for all of it.

Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster) - Relinquishes Parental Rights - June 21, 1989

Craig Franklin Wills - 1989 and 1991

Diane Sykes Page - 2000 - 2001

Morgan Deposition - February 22, 2001, made, she said, to make up for having tried to kill her mother, Melinda and her brother, Arthur.  But what she meant was she needed money and wanted to be paid.  

Two Extorted Statements - December 4, 2001 & February 24, 2002

Fund's Women - What Fund Does To Women

Wedding Arrangements - Morgan and John Fund

Documents and Past Events

Morgan's Bankruptcy 

      She filed because Craig turned out to be exactly what she knew he was, a psychopath.  He was angry she did not want to keep him sexually satisfied while he screwed other women.  

Morgan's Adoption  at age 12 by Melinda's sadly deluded parents, Dr, & Mrs. Arthur F. Pillsbury.  They had known and loved her since I had her and brought her home from the hospital in the adorable little white gown I sewed for her (french seams) Little Carolyn was sooo cute.  Mom and Dad raised her, chuckled at her little escapades, for instance refusing to let Ronnie Reagan talk to Dad (Little Carolyn insisted on answering the phone) when Ronnie called to talk to Dad until Ronnie agreed to send her a check for $3.00 each time.  Ronnie chuckled and sent the check.  Little Carolyn was probably the only person who ever cashed one of these, and she cashed all of them she received.
With Hormones and the Psychopathy combined at age 12, when she was adopted, it was like being  savaged by a smiling baby doll. 

She was uncontrollable, according to my younger brother, Stephen.   

I had learned not to leave her alone with my other children.  I thought she would have matured when she came to live with us after Anne ejected her - but that was not true.  Makes me shudder to think about it.  

Who are there People?
They have a lot in common, actually.

Morgan, is the child of Richard Lee Barteaux, a psychopath and my first husband,  

Morgan finally found someone to marry her:  Jay E. Gell

Craig Franklin is my third husband and also the only guy ever to stalk Ayn Rand.

Arthur's Statment regarding Morgan  

Morgan's Life  - Indulgences Unlimited

Solving the Puzzle

How the NeoCons Operate